my short stories

please don't read this blog unless you're 100% sure what you're going to do. I'll show you lowest and dirtiest side of the world. I'm young gal with bizarre inclines, I love to do really violent and unusual things, like shit into my pants. I'm going to describe what I doing with my life. if you not into it, please, don't judge me. if we on the same wavelength, lets exchange ideas.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

guest, what I'm going to do?

I'm going to go to the local bar and ask men for strip all my clothes off and sign their name on my body: face, ass, breasts and other intimacy parts. after that I'm going to suck them all, swallowing cum and letting them shoot at my face. if someone would like to fuck me into ass or pussy I'll not mind, I just ask shoot me, to get proofs.

also, I'm going to rent myself out to parties as entertainment, and everybody can do with me what he or she wants. every time I go out, I'll have two dildo inside me - one into ass, another - into pussy. no bra, no underwear, short skirt.

walking to the store, I'm going to find toilet over there to offer everybody fuck me or piss off onto me.

after that, I'll walked the streets with a sign "fuck me I am a street whore", keeping beer bottle deep inside me.

just piece of meat

I'm not a gal, I'm just worthless creature, an object, toy, bitch, slut and whore. I'm nothing but piece of shit. I don't belong to myself. My destiny, my only goal is to serve the Man, who'll own me. what I expect of my new life? pain. humiliations. suffer. tortures. My body belong to You, You only. I believe the love and pain inseparable. like coin - head gives love, tail gives suffer. I want to live in cage, in dungeon, being naked and tied up. I want to wear welded cuffs and collar. I want to be branded at face, ass, pussy, breasts and the rest of my body.
I want to have sex with different men and women without condoms, I want to be fucked with a gang, I want to be raped by the most violence way you can imagine. how many men I have to serve daily? tied me up and pass through about fifties men. I'll have no choice, and they fuck me into all holes. I want to be filled up with a cum, to be covered with cum.
I promise, I'll lick your feet and floor under you. insert into me very-very big object without any lubrications and mercy. strap me to a fucking machine and leave me for a night or ever a couple days long. see, what will happen with my pussy, that will a mess, next use my ass and eventually mouth, I was never fucked by machine into mouth, but always wanted it.

how I was on-line slave

I met Mistress Lisa on some bsdm-forum and begged Her pick me up and owned. I said something like: "your slave bow low behind you, kneel down on the salt. I'm writing this answer in nude. I want to serve You, it's so very exciting!!! I would be happy to be yours toy!!!"

= Well, She answered, = you probably could be a slave, but I need to know your current living arraignments. whether you live alone or with others and your employment.
-- I have my own house, I live alone, without any relations, ties and almost without friends, I work as translator, art designer and from time to time as a whore. I work at home, as free lancer, going to the office once or twice times in a week.

= I do need to know if you live in a town or in the country. this will decide on other orders.
-- I live in the small town, places nearly of a quite big town in 30 minutes of the ride. many people lives over there and this is very good way for humiliation.

= describe how you was dressed today. include time frames for nudity.
-- today I'm awfully nude, I waked up in nude and didn't put on any clothes until now.

= describe any food you consumed, include drinks.
-- at the morning I ate chinese noodles fast-food, dinked it with black tea, at the dinner I ate fast-food soup with milk, and at the evening I'm going to prepare a chicken and eat it.

= describe any sexual feelings you had, be explicit.
-- I was thinking about you, and it'd created a yearning between my legs, I'm wanting to be fucked in very hard way, I'm all wet, raw and hot, any object like banana or cucumber make my pussy total raw, and my fingers are inside.

= explain any insertions (mouth, pussy and or ass) include the time involved.
-- mouth: I sucked my fingers into ass and pussy, I sucked pen and other object like that.
-- pussy: I inserted two raw eggs and crack them inside!!!! wow! I got a lot a pain and many hours was trying to put them out, but it was so very exciting!!! now my pussy is sick and any touches makes strong pain.
-- ass: I squired a two tube of teeth pasta into my ass and left them in. they burned inside me, but I liked it!

= detail any sexual stimulation you did, nipples or pussy.
-- I putted two clips on my nipples and was not removing it a while. every time I touched them, they produced very strong pain, but I liked it and was so exciting!!!

= describe all punishments that were administered as to severity of pain.
-- no punishment yet, but I sat down on the sharp nails and jump up and down a couple times. so, now, my ass feel not good, but I like it.

= I do need to know your first name or I will give you one.
-- oh, please, give me a new name, I beg you!
= I have decided that for now your name will be cunt. you have to answer to slave cunt and sign your name that way when talking to me.
-- slave cunt ready to do everything you want to!

= first, I do require my slaves to be naked as much as possible. whenever you are alone, you will be naked you will always sleep in the nude.
-- as you wish! I like to be naked, and I'm naked almost all the time. I hate clothes! I hate underwear! nakedness is a freedom!!! also I'm exhibitionistic by nature, I used to walk around my house in nude, allowing everybody to see who I am. I like to sleep in the nude on the back with widely spreading legs and black belt on the face covering eyes.
= I do like the idea of you being blindfolded at night, so you are to continue to place a black cloth bag over your head. I require you to start gagging yourself at night. use the dirtiest bad smelling pants for gagging, and don't forget to charge it with a shred onions. use ropes also to tie yourself and insert the cloth before going to bed. you are not to remove it until morning. as to where you sleep that is up to you, however you are to sleep on a bare floor, not one with a carpet or rug. you have to strew salt, sand and peas all over bare floor. also you have to use duct tape to cover your mouth in addition, or even take a long mop and use it as stunt: bind one part of the mop to one angle, and other to another. as result: your legs will be very widely spread all the night.

= second of all, I do require my slaves to be dressed in certain way: when you are in public, you have to wear a skirt, no longer than mid thigh, a button up blouse with the top three buttons undone. you may wear socks or stockings and shoes. you are not to wear any under clothes ( bra or panties).
-- oh. it will be quite humiliated, but I will do as you wish, I will never put on t bra or panties again.
= when seated your knees have to be spread apart and you have no right to cross your arms or legs. when you are dressed in public or in private your legs have to be spread and neither your arms or legs are to be crossed. I hope that explains how you will be seated. to the point you feel humiliated when people look at you in your short skirts with your legs open, you need to feel that humiliation, after a while you will get use to it, you are a slave nothing more. as you closed your legs by someone else's command besides mind, you are to insert a medium size butt plug in your ass while dressed and keep it there while you are in public. choice most noticeably black plug, large enough to be visible.

-- if I understand correctly I have to seat with widely spread legs, short skirt is opened. no panties. wow! what a shame!!! I feel great shame, I burn, I tingle, I blush, I flush with shame. just imagine what I'm felling. my senses run amok. there is the mix shame and exciting makes my pussy wet, so much wet, so it becomes noticeably and increase the shame. is it right? should I punished for that? two man even asked me if I whore or not. one women (she is my boss), spiting at the floor and gave me slap at face. she said: cover you cunt, and I... sorry, Dear Mistress Lisa, I had crossed my legs and pull skirt down. I know I break Your order, and now I ask for strong punishment for that. I'm very-very sorry.

= so, you must be punished. place clamps, or clothes pins on your vaginal lips, six to start, three on each side, for 3 hours a day. you must do this for 3 hours in a row with no breaks.
-- I have did that!!! oh, first half-hours all was ok, but the then... pain becomes more and more harder, I barely didn't scream. now, my pussy all burn into flame and I hardly can masturbate, but at least this time, masturbate give me more pain that pleasant, however I got amazing climax.

= I require you to masturbate twice daily, for an hour at a time. you are not to cum without my permission, if you get close to cumming I want you to finger your ass. you will always need permission to cum.

-- wow!!! I was never masturbated so long before. usually this takes a quarter of an hour; I have masturbated today, and now my pussy feel sick a bit, but I'm glad to serve you. please, say: shall I masturbate with finger or with dildo or with bottle or other things?

= you are to masturbate, for the time being with only your fingers, if I want bottles or dildos placed in your hole I will tell you. you have no right to wash your hole anymore unless you request it. along those same lines, when you get your period, you have no right to insert a tampon. you have no right to wipe you in public as you still not be able to wear panties.

-- right now my holes all dirty and such a smell that is very noticeable and makes me feel shame and more of that my holes bother me and I constantly scratch it. may I do it?

= As to your pussy, I will allow you to wash it with ice water, once a week. You can pick the day. You are not to climax while doing it or you will lose this privilege. also, you be required to take cold showers.
-- every day or just once? now, I have took a cold shower. I stood for five minutes under ice-water, after that I was almost freeze and shiver with cold, but I know, I'd deserved it.

= I require you not to shave your pussy or cut the hair on your head. if you are currently shaved, you have to let it grow out. I did notice that your hair was quite short, that also needs to be left alone. as for your hair length, you requested punishment for cutting in the past, here it is, as it appears that your neighbors are quite a distance from you, you are to urinate outdoors. you have to not wipe yourself afterwards. You have to urinate as an animal would do it.

-- I did this. that neighbors was the man, 29 yo, not my friend, just neighbor. then I had came into notice, I widely spread my legs and started to pee. he stared and me and said: fuck! drunk bitch, if you be off your stupid head? I was in shame. my legs was wet, but I didn't wiped it, as you said me before.
= At first all newer slaves feel shame and guilt, they quickly overcome this when they realize that it should be their Mistress' place to feel shame and only when they misbehave or do not follow orders. You soon will not have these feelings. As to your neighbor, you will continue to urinate outdoors, I suggest that you do it when he is not around, but if he is invite him to watch, you are doing, something that is natural for a slave to do, nothing more.

= now, I want you to find another female and insert her dirty panties, or have asked that you take a cloth and soak them in your urine. You may choose which you prefer.

= by the way, I do require my slaves to practice a position I call "at rest". in this position the slave gets down on her knees, and aligns her body with her knees. she places her arms behind her back with the wrists crossed in the back, as if tied. I do prefer you practice this in a confined area such as a closet and I do prefer you blindfolded. you are not to move a muscle or make a sound for an hour. you need to practice this position for at least an hour a day. when you are practicing the at rest position you should be kneeling with your head high. In this position you should be able to take a man or woman with a slight adjustment of your head. This is also a starting position for punishment. You need to practice this position for at least an hour a day.

now, you have it. you know who I am. I'm slut cunt, and I like it.

Friday, October 06, 2006

alone in the dark and silence

I wake up in absolute dark and silence. naked. I see nobody. I'm alone. to life for... nothing. no, this isn't my way. I want to be together. I want to give Him everything I can and get whatever He want to do with me. I don't look for marriage (everybody knows the marriage is a prison). I just... well, I just burn my life, waste endless time and, you know, I'm dreaming to be... no, not a slave, at least not yet (you have to break me first). I love pain and used to make me suffer by myself. do you want me to tell want I like to do? nasty, sleazy and greasy things, eventually they will destroy my body, but I don't worry about it. we all are dying. slowly. unpreventable.
my vanilla interests include: foreign languages, gothic music, cooking, etc. I love metal and stones, I would like to live into dungeon, tied up with welded collar and cuffs, but... I don't know how to realize this dream. I want to be abused and humiliated. I'm not seeking any care or love. love is bullshit. either you threat me like piece of meat, either you love me. there are mutually exclusive things.
I do not need protection. I'm able to protect me by myself. I know how to handle a knife, and when I meet bad guy(s) on dark alley (where I like to walk), I always fight. you may consider I don't act like sub or slave, yeah! you're right! sub is my second nature. the maso is first. so I want to be bound, helpless to resist. strip my clothes off, sting me with a flogger, crop and paddle. I'm not into age play, however, I love to be taken over Master's knee and spanked. I also love being blindfolded for a while (night, day, week). this is who I am.

into rotten fish barrel

"Do you would love to make you lick my ass clean after I take a shit?" He asked me, and to break a silence added: "I would also bring a bunch of my friends over and have you kneel in the middle of the room and all the men piss into a funnel in your mouth, do you want it? Have a few people shit in the toilet, then I will push your head into the bowl while I fuck your ass, then you could lick my cock clean after I pull it from your ass"
Wow! I really want this, I was dreaming about it for years! I can't believe that it in two hours it will be realized. "you're the Man who I exactly looked for" - I said, "no doubt, you're crazy, but I'm crazy too, so I accept your offer! I can do this!!! and I promise, I will be good! you can believe me, I had tried it before and I got very much pleasure!!! I hope you will give me more!!!"
"I love to do very disgusting things with you" - he said, - "Sometime I would make you sleep in my barn with the pigs, you would be naked and have to get between the pigs to keep warm". this sounds really insane, but... I want it! it turns me on, drives me, makes me all wet and raw, I always wanted to be toilet slut, and I wasn't going to let slip my chance be become, despite He offered me really scary things: "It would also be nice to have my horse piss on you. have you ever seen how much a horse pisses??"
"I have seen how much, but never take it onto myself. do you want me to drink horse's piss and shit? I'm not sure I'm ready for this particular thing, but... you can force me to do it"
His anger suddenly flamed: "You do not have the right to tell me you would not like to eat horse shit, you will do as I say or you will be beaten. You are only a dirty disgusting pig with no rights. You are only to be used for people and animals enjoyment and toilet. You are such a low life worthless piece of shit you barely deserve to eat worm shit, let alone beautiful shit from people and beautiful animals like the horse. You should bow down and beg to be able to eat horse shit.
I am the boss of a large commercial fish boat off loading station. We unload the fish from these boats and ship it all over the world. These boats are at sea from a few days to a few months at a time. They work too hard and too long to have time to get a shower. It will be your job to go aboard these boats as they come in and lick their balls clean from all the sweat, and also lick their asses clean since they have not had a shower in such a long time and are very very sweaty and dirty. If you do not do a great job I will tell the men on these boats to put you in a barrel of putrid stinky fish guts and keep you in the barrel for hours or until you agree to do as they say. Can you imagine how terrible a smell comes off a barrel of fish guts and fish heads that has been in the sun for a few days?
After you have cleaned all the cocks, balls, and asses of these men, (and oh yes you must also lick their arm pits clean too.) you will come ashore and tell me every detail of the fun you had.
Sometimes you will have to go on these boats and put on a show for the men, sucking, fucking, and drinking the piss from a dog for the men's enjoyment. If you do a really good job I will let you sleep in the dog kennel cuddled up naked with the dogs.
I will take pictures of you doing all these things and put them on the internet to show the whole world what a great toilet you are. As a real bonus I will let you swim in our septic tank. I want a picture of you so that I can put it on our board that all of the fishermen read, under your picture I will write, "this is the worlds biggest dirtiest toilet, if you would like to use her please sign your name below and tell me when you will be in port again and I will arrange for this slut to join your ship for as long as you can use and abuse her." Then I will scan and email you the list of all the men that want you.
I've thought it over and decided it's up to me, so we broke up and never met again.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

how I met Wolf in the wood

once I'd met a Wolf in the wood. that was an internet wood. Wolf was really good. He was seeking a worthless piece of slave-meat that wants to be treated the way she deserves - badly! eventually he'd found me. He said: "I'll send you to the hell you need and crave - though to you it will probably seem like heaven!"

He liked to bite and draw blood, like all wolfs do. He had a girlfriend - Mistress Rose. She did make me lick her sweaty cunt, drink her fresh pee, lick her shitty ass. She liked to pull my hair hard, slapped me across face, spit in the mouth, as did He. He forced me to drink my own pee along with other people's pee and eat mine and other people's shit out of a bowl kneeling like the filthy pig that I'm. He also encouraged me to eat quickly by using his heavy crop on my pig ass. He used to give me large enemas with a mixture of piss and chilly - this really hurt me and did hurt even more with a very large butt plug up my ass to keep the enema in, especially if lubed with chili oil!

He also used to insert a large chili-oil lubed dildo up to my cunt - and liked to leave my ass and cunt gaping wide - to increase the pressure. after half and hour or so I was screaming in agony and pleading to be allowed, begged to release the enema, but He did make me wait. When I would be finally allowed to release all that piss and shit into a bowl He used a hand blender to turn it in to a smooth drink and fed it back to me via a funnel and a pipe in to my mouth.

He kept me naked, collared and chained at all times and he did make me work all the time and show me off when He had visitors.

He wanted to buy an old run-down farmhouse to turn in to a "slavefarm" as a paying business though He had only just got it and there is much hard and dirty work to be done , so He putted me to work on. The really good news was that there was an old pigsty, which He kept me in so that I can lived as a true slave-pig with a couple of other pigs - perhaps even some other pig-slaves and spent all the time when I was not working or being abused, naked, chained and wallowing in filth. He was planning to
have one male pig for sex reasons and that He used to fuck me as I kneeled in the shit and the mud. He allowed other to use and abuse me and used to hold regular parties where I was tortured and degraded by Him in front of an audience He allowed others to use and abuse me while He watched.

He had a good sized house also and a stone storage hut there. He kept me in and a large garden for me to work in. He also had a reasonable torture chamber for me to get plenty of pain in! He had a cage in the chamber that He kept me in instead of the hut.

As far as the tortures we used they included:

1. Hard whipping, birching, flogging and caning me till it draws blood especially my back, ass, tits and cunt - then pissed on the area so that it really burns. He also used this along with beating me with stinging nettles;

2. Heavy alligator clips on my cunt lips and nipples then haning heavy weights from them till they draw blood;

3. Hot red candle wax applied close to my skin , especially cunt, clit, tits and asshole, then whipping the wax off. once he had managed to get my cunt and ass to gape them. He dripped hot red wax into my cunt and asshole as well - red wax was better because melted at a higher temperature and thus burned more.

4. Thick needles or thin skewers pushed through my tits, nipples, cunt lips and ass cheeks, then heated with a flame.

5. Branding my flesh with hot branding irons and a soldering iron. He branded me to show me and others that I was His property and His pig-slave.

6. He smoked cigars an used them to burn my tits, cunt, ass cheeks, around my asshole and loved to stub one out on my clit.

7. He had a powerful electric-shock machine powered by a 12v car battery that He had built - this was too much for most so called pain-slaves, but He used it on me quite often - He had either a rod that did give a powerful shock to any area He did choose or He used alligator clips to attach it to my nipples, tit flesh, cunt lips, clit and to a metal dildo and butt plug - so that my whole body became a writhing mass of electrified agony.

8. He stretched my cunt and my ass painfully wide with large dildos and plugs, He had some nice big ones -including a spiked one - as well as an inflatable butt plug and a dildo - and fisting , both double and single , as well as other large objects that hurt me. He'd even sewed my cunt up for a while with a dildo inside and seen how long I did can last before He had to rip the stitches out!

I was collared, chained, naked, branded and tortured like pig-slave for a long-long time, I did it for Him and my life was one of hard pain, total degradation and suffering.

we was being together about two months, then I did cast out for some many reasons.

Russian and Spanish versions

does anyone want to have rus ver? if so, leave comments!
also I'm practicing in Spanish and going to create Spanish version pretty soon (of course if you want to see it).

Monday, October 02, 2006

beating with shoes

I thought it over and finally find out: I'm not a woman, in fact, I'm object designed and deserved always being beaten. I definitely want to lick, sock and clear men and women shoes with my own tongue, sucking on their heels and begging for being beaten. it have to very strictly and merciless punishment, I want to be beat at the face with sandals, over and over again, directly on my mouth and nose. I want to bleeding, this idea turns me on, makes me all wet and raw, I really want this. I want to have black eyes, wearing read and marks all over my face. who would help me to realize this dream?

my legend

let me to andarse por las ramas. do I know you? présumer, no. not yet. we would meet. once. or not. this depends on are we on the same wavelength, are we alone with our thoughts? en d'autres termes: do we match? do we really need one another? who knows? God knows (maybe), but only time gives you answers (el tiempo dirá, con otras palabras), and time flies like bullet. I mean, the years slide by. I'm young, I want to catch everything I can and even more. so, I never would be a slave. I bias against long-term relationship, sorry, man, cuestión de gustos! I'm a fey girl. I love to embarrass bypassers showing my bare ass or pussy. if you saw gal pissing on the street that was, probable, me.
I love to submit. I love to take part in party posing and exposing myself. I love any kind of spanking, sin ninguna duda. I love hot wax, dripping directly into my pussy. to cut long story short: I'm a party submissive gal. this is who I'm. I know how to give greatest pleasure to woman, believe, with me you'll reach the Heaven! I have a pettable tongue and soft fingers, I know many techniques and every time get more and more. I'm good sex toy for you and your friends.
¡a propósito! I'm lesbi and wish to serve only women, or couples (man + woman). during this two weeks I'll be yours. no safe word and no limit, but! le fait est que, I MUST to know what are you about and I don't want to end up in a hospital. everything else is possible. permanent hurts (à titre d'exemple, branding) would be discussed. il ne reste qu'à commencer et à finir.
if you're interesting - write me back, but, please, don't invite me to chat, I see no sense in that. I don't like to sit at the computer and waste my time waiting until other part is responding. this is not big deal! just two-week party-time in your company. there is no matter to chatting about. just write me: do you let me to joint to your party (group, community or, if you're single, I'll serve you personally).
I have dream to lick pussy, feet and ass black woman. if you're black, and you have your own dream I promise to help to realize it whatever you want to do with me.

my bio

I'm naughty young girl, I left my family in 16 yo, just after getting passport and went away. my parents always were all at sixes and sevens and never got on with. I wasn't abused, I was loved, but… quoi que ce soit, I didn't can bear their any longer. le fait est que, without education I hasn't any chance to get a job, except the One. and you certainly know what I mean. de esta forma, I settled down at an escort service, con otras palabras, I became a whore. I was laying down under many people (most of them were american) and mientras tanto learning their lags. after so I'd found the Man who did fall in love and up me to the top. la tradición he gave me work. I became his secretary and sex toy de plus. sin ninguna duda I had to serve not only him. He did like to give very good sexual parties for his companions. por efecto I meet many interesting and top men. Eventually, his firm fall and was subdivided on tree different firms. de resultas I laid down with right man and got high post. right now, I'm second hand of my boss. my new position gives me ability to fly in business trip quite often.
ok. bio part is over. now, about myself, I live in the large city Rostov, but most of the time I spend in planners, cars, trains, hotels. I'm engaged into oil business and my current work is "investigate-officer", or "inspector". I don't know how to translate this rank. I know nothing about investigation, but I'm very useful on the party. this is single reason to keep me in charge. and you know what? I enjoy it!
I don't look for a Master en vista de que I'm lesbi. I just want to join to sex-parties from time to time. I'm submissive, adore outdoors games and many other things.
what I'm exactly seeking are: new friends. I easy talk to English, although my English very far from the good one. Spanish and French - it's a problem for me, but I'm trying to handle it. in the future I probable will transferred to the Kuala Lumpur's office, so, I want to know a few right people in Malaysia. "Right" I mean "dominant".

my last will (how I tried to commit a suicide)

not long ago I was very depressed, I hated everything, and most of them I hated myself, so I tried to commit a suicide, but it didn't work and I was "successfully" rescued. before, I'd decide to do that left my last will. this is it.

good time, bright sun and fresh breath to you!
the live is in every breath. this is my way, Deepbreath!
you look very good, but I don't see your eyes behind the glass. Mr. Deepbreath, did you read my profile? did you reed it carefully?
allow me to say you good luck. I'm sure, you will find the gal of your dreams. sooner or later. time does not matter. we have the whole eternity. we will find everyone!
I'm going to go away, far-far-far from this place to nowhere, to nonexistent world. maybe over there I feel myself better. It's only my body that dies. we've stayed long enough. but we've spoken to no one. I must be dead to the world. come on, time to leave. I still have a few lingering mortal emotions. they'll serve me no good, forgive me. let me go. long time ago I choose my only gal (Koree Key if you want to know her name), many time since, I have called her, but there was no answer. just the endless procession of days, months...
...years. life left me to my darkest lesson. that in the end, I'm alone. and there is nothing but the cold, dark wasteland of eternity. I have no choice. soon I'm going to turn to the dust. I know a lot of things. not how to stay alive, apparently. well, I can fix that. out of the cold, dark wasteland of eternity. no, I understand. after all, I'm only a human. bring it on. better dead than alone! maybe in another life:
how I'm going to spend my last night, as I always have, alone? why not? all right. this may be painful for a mortal. I'm still attached to my skin, but I don't care. I'm not going to dead, indeed. I'm going to sleep. I'm too old to live forever. so this is goodbye.
do you want to know the reason? the reason has forced me to die (well, not to die, just to transform into blinding light). listen, then. one guy told me the following story. it touches me very-very-very deep and I want to go through the same way. the story is: do you have ideas about how you would be kept or what you would do in regard to sleeping, day to day etc are you looking to be kept dirty used or left all the time or do you see times when there is a break or let up? I have never done it but I know it was done by somebody I know, a pit was dug the was quite deep much deeper then the person could get out of and only thin just so she could stand, the girl was lowered in naked and the hole was covered with a large slab, the slab had a hole in it and it was used as a toilet, the girl was only able to stand not sit, she had to piss on herself and stand in her own shit, she was also pissed, puked and shit on thru the whole in the top, she ended up vomiting from the smell. she was kept there of 4 days, she became very tied as she was not able to sleep much either. this is a slave that is owned by somebody I know, she did have other things done to her but these were more torture type things like electric small current wires on her nipples and she was also fully shaven including her head before she went in a ritual type way, she also could not see.
I talked to her a lot about this experience and how it felt, she said at the time and when it was happening it was horrid, she said that she did not feel human, and at some points she did not feel like she was even there. she said she had never experienced anything like it before and it was not something she would recommend to anybody that was not at her level and I agree.
although at the time she said it was the worst place to be and the after care that she got lasted for quite a while she said she would want to do it again and she looks back on it as a wonderful experience that she will never forget. she also admitted that just talking to me about it had make her very wet and when ever she thinks about it she cant help but get aroused. as you can probably guess she is into a lot of things she has a thing for animal sex that is ok but she also likes cutting, needles and blood play and as it's all done safely and to ensure there are no marks it something that I do like doing too.
the world is just is piece of shit. even now, slavery exists, be sure. I can't bear that anymore. so, I'm going to walk away. stay tuned and good by.

how i spent all the day in a mens room

well... It was very hard day, but...

morning. 09:00 local o'clock. I was at home, I was preparing myself to the "adventure". I removed pants and bra, took the bright red marker and wrote "slut whore" on the face and on the body. I used remarkable green lipstick and others cosmetics to make myself looks like cheap whore. I wore blouse with jeans and...

...with great heartbeat walked into local bikebar. people stared at me and started to laugh. they think that I'm real whore and it was not far from the truth.

I went to the toilet room. it was quite small and very-very dirty. there're four men over here. they all pissed and immediately stated at me, as if it was a miracle. they didn't understand who I'm and what I was going to do. well... let them know! the show had began!

I wore off the blouse and dropped in onto dirty floor covered by may pools of pee. after that I put the jeans off and dropped in too. all men did freeze and no one moves. I kneeled down and said: "well! I'm yours. what the hell you're waiting for?!" I crawled to the neatest man through pee pool and took his dick into my mouth. he was still peeing and his pee smells like hell, but I drank and sucked. another men had came to me and began to torment my breasts. my man took my
hairs and began to pull it, forced me to deepthroat. I did barf up. the man slapped me at the face and we continued. I worked over quarter of hour before he come!!! He shot at my face and cum flowed down all over my body, he wiped his dick with my hairs, stepped on my jeans, put it down to the pool and said: "NEXT!".

the next man forced me to lick his balls and fingered his anus. I had to sock my fingers to clear them. in this time I worked less that five minutes, but the man forced me to shallow it all. he picked up the blouse and wiped his dick with. after that he rolled it like belt and put on my eyes to blindfold me.

two new men want into the toilet and said: wow!!!! great!!! I had to serve them too. one of them forced me to drink his pee. I began to scream: "it's unfair. I don't want it!" but I had new portion of the sapping.

I didn't remember how many men I had served. most of them pissed into my mouth, about five men fucked me into ass and then forced to clear their dicks. I was very long day, at least the gay was gone and became dusky.

I caught the moment: no one man was in the toilet and went to the lady's section. I was dirked many pee and want to piss. I started to piss direct the the bare floor, then I knelled down and began to lick my own me. one woman said: "well: do you like to taste my pee?" I nodded and opened my mouth. she spited into it and said: "hey, bitch, lay down to the floor right under my cunt". I lied down on the cold dirty toilet floor, covered my pee. she put off her pants, it was
really dirty and smells like... as of the dragon. she began to pee, I saw white jelly-like clots into her cunt. probably, somebody fucked her before that, so, I dinked the mix of her pee and his cum. at the end I wiped her cunt with my tongue, she smell such... so, I put my nose into her cunt and it was good, really good. well, she said: "do you want to drink the water after floor-washing? do you want to drink water out of the toilet bowl?" I answered: "yes, I want" and I did

I was very dirty, I was in my vomit and men's cum, my blouse and jeans was dirty, I stand dirty, I feel sick, I feel myself really bad. I even did think: "I will never do it again", but... finally I reached my home, walked in darkness, keeping away from the lights. I got a bath and in the hot water I masturbated and dreamed about new adventures.

fucked by gang

Yesterday I used too much make-up, wore very revealing clothes encluding a very short see through T-shirt, and skirt no panties, or bra. at about six o'clock I went to the nearest bar. It's a really rough kind of bar. there are no rules there. every man there is either very dunk, stoned or both. I went into a room with five men and said: "I'm yours, fuck me if you want! I'm not a whore, I mean, you should not pay, it's free". of course they didnt say no!!!

They undressed me, I was left with no clothes on. I told them to tie me up so it was easier for them to fuck me hard they tied me up with their belts, they were merciless and tied me up tightly, my legs were spread wide and I was not able to move. I said: "hey, men, I'm maso, so... please, blindfold me and do anything you want to". after a second, I was blindfolded with a towel.

one man fucked my wet cunt hard, without a condom, just his throbbing cock in me. The second second climbed onto me,and sat down on my body, putting his cock in my mouth for me to suck other men jerked off all over me and rubbed their cocks on my face. the first man was fucking me hard and rough for a long time, until he finally cum! he took out his cock and wiped it on my face. after that the second man had cum too and shot lots of warm cum in my mouth. i swallowed it all.

another two men started to fuck me in the same way until I was all filled up with their cum. I was untied, turned around so i was face down, and tied up again.
all the men had turns fucking my tight little ass hole. I felt a lot of pain. one man asked me: if he could whip me with his belt and I said of course. I was gaged with someones trousers and whipped hard.

finally, after all that abuse I was untied and ungaged. the men asked if i wanted anything. I asked for a cup. I placed in under my ass and cunt and started to squirt out all the cum in and on me. when the cup was a half full, I drunk it all. it was a cocktail of: their cum, my blood (out of ass), my shit and my juices.

I asked if anybody wanted to shit or piss? one man wanted to shit and I offered him my face to shit on. he said yes! and did it with great pleasure!!! I smeared the shit all over my face, after that they left and i got dressed and returned home.

I decided to not take a bath for a while, cos I love the feeling off being all dirty!!!

my dream

I have one dream, this really bizarre and insane, but... wrap me into plastic or just bondage, get a knife and stick it into my cunt and ass, very slowly, deeper and deeper, very painfully. after that, fuck me hard, hear my screams, enjoy my agony.
drip how wax onto bleeding cunt and ass. fuck me with ginger root. wow! I'm dreaming about it, I want it. I want you to crush and destroy my filth cunt and ass, rip it off, tear it off, cut it.

also I want you to pump some liquid into my cunt/ass, wood oil, paint, maybe even acid, pee of course. I love to take alcohol enema, this is something awesome!!!

I love deep oral sex, I'm ready to do it as long as you want. and I have great experience with dilation! I love big dildo. my personal record is 3", and I hope you can stretch my anal up to 5" or ever 9" wide. do you want it?

right now, I'm keeping toilet brush in my cunt, I pushed it very-very deep, until it reached the womb. also I love to insert glass stick into my pee-hole, my record is 1", but I continue stretching, I want to be fucked into pee-hole, I want man to cum into my bladder.

shit and society

believe me, there is no any lines or borders, everything is possible and everything is normal. shit isn't disgusting by itself. it's just a substrate. your mind forces your to feel sick. society suggests you an idea the shit is really disgusting thing, society also convicts you to threat shit-eaters as crazy and mad people. well, there is a gulf between our beliefs, so I'm not sure if there is any sense to talk with you. we are different, I was loving shit since I can remember. when I was a kid I loved to feel how warm shit fills my pants, I loved to stick a finger deep into ass, licked, smelled and socked it. my parents tried to break of the habit, but it didn't work, I did this over and over. I don't think I'm mad. yeah, I'm crazy, but only in literally sense of the words. I do this cos I love it. and I'm not the single one. many people loves this things too.
as to sick and disease, well... there is a risk, but if you have heavy antibiotics and other medicines… do I have to continue or you have got it?

worms in the ass

now, I tell you how I manage to let worms in my ass, worms - these disgusting creatures, living in the gardens, they have many names: brandling, dew-worms, earthworms, rain-worm and they are really disgusting. I had them into my pussy, but never in the ass. today was a great day, today I do it!!! do you want to know how it have been? first of all, I conclude to put worms into ass I have to stretch it out, so I set 2L bottle on the floor, lubricated it with chilly ketchup (didn't I tell you before I love pain), inserted bottleneck in ass and began to move down until my ass feed full bottle up. I was keeping it inside about two hours, I was so exiting,you can't believe me!!! after that I removed the bottle, locked on my wide hole in the mirror, got a tube with both ends opens, inserted it instead bottle, got a dozen worms was caught beforehand and started to pour it into tube. eventually, I removed the tube out left the worms it. to prevent escape, I'd sealed my ass with a duct tape and... from that moment I was feeling how worms move, how they make my pussy inch. it was amazing feeling. I was keeping worms inside all day long, after that I unsealed my ass and started to squeeze they out, but it didn't work, since worms were very deep inside me. at first time I tried to get it with my fingers, and I'd got two worms eventually, but the rest... I had no choice, but make an enema. this did help to cast worms out, but my ass is still inch very much, so, I'm fingering it over and over. right now, I feel sick, but I want to continue it the day aftertomorrow. any other idea?

about myself

I'm crazy shit bitch, you know, I'm deep into scat, piss, vomit, snot, spit. this is my life. I war trying to hide my whishes, keep them inside, but... it was up to me, so I'm here. I love to play with my shit, gods shit, cows shit, whatever. I love to shit into bed and dabble in the mud, eventually I become all covered with shit, this is incredible filling. I almost don't use a bath, instead I wash myself with pee. I wear pants due to single reason: to shit into and keep it for a while. after that I put it on head and begin to sock it with my mouth. I'm able to wear it on my head over day or night. I live alone in private house, work via net, so I can do what I want and I don't bother what people think and they think, believe me. two or three times per week I go out to the store for food. dirty and smell like hell. I love to see how people stares and freezes. in public toilets I lick bowls and put my head down into them, this is my way to wash hairs. if I see used toilet paper I immediately pick it up to push into my pussy and ass. this is not my fantasy, this is my lifestyle, this is who I am. the crazy dirty slut, no less! I have rich experience and many ideas. I would like to talk with people sharing the same interests. by the way, I'm a sub and maso. unusual combination, right? I would like to be controlled. I don't promise to give photo-reports or other proofs, just say what you want me to do and I do it and will describe how it be. right now (six minutes ago to be more exactly) I have covered my hairs with couple rotten eggs. I'm sitting on the my own shit. do you ever piss while sitting on the chair? I did and will do a lot of more things. if you have interest, I will post my notes on this forum. anyway, I would love to talk with all people who find these ideas quite attractive. I didn't tell you about disgusting things I had done. I did catch dozen rain-worms, put them into my pussy and seal it with a tape plush five clothes pins. this was amazing feeling how they move inside me. wow! I never tried to put them into ass, but I'm going to do this tomorrow. does anyone want me to tell how it will be?
to take this opportunity I have to say, I'm dreaming to live at farm with pigs or cows, but I don't know how to realize it. if you own a farm and want to have a dirty slut, ready for everything (well, almost everything), write me back. I'm waiting you.